Meet the Dyer

Hi, I'm Lindsay, the creative force behind Rebel Yarn Co, a vibrant yarn dyeing venture where color comes to life!

My journey into the world of yarn and dyeing began with a passion for fiber arts and a love for exploring colors. What started as a hobby soon blossomed into a full-fledged business, driven by my desire to share unique, hand-dyed yarns with fellow crafters and artists.

At Rebel Yarn Co, each skein of yarn is meticulously hand-dyed in small batches, ensuring that every creation is infused with care and attention to detail. From soft pastels to bold, striking hues, our color palette is inspired by nature, art, and the world around us.

I source premium yarn bases that showcase my dyes beautifully, resulting in yarn that's not only visually stunning but also delightful to work with.

Whether you're a seasoned knitter, crocheter, weaver, or a newbie exploring the world of fiber arts, Rebel Yarn Co offers yarn that sparks imagination and invites you to create something truly special.

Join me on this colorful journey and let's weave a world of beauty, one skein at a time.